Monday, 8/8 is the first day of Band Camp. Call time is 2:45 pm Monday through Friday. Practice ends around 9:00 pm.

  1. Excellent attendance is a necessity for our team. It’s difficult to learn the drill when people are missing. We take good attendance very seriously.
  2. Dress in comfortable clothes that allow complete movement. NO jeans. Dress for exercise and movement.
  3. Bring a sack lunch or $ for dinner. Students will have a 45-minute break.
  4. It gets cold at night even if it’s hot during the day. Bring a sweatshirt and a hair tie. It gets windy.
  5. Bring your drill folder and flip folder each day.
  6. Print out your drill and put it in your drill folder. The link to the music and drill will be provided by Mrs. Brock.
  7. Memorize your field show music.
  8. Cell phone use is not permitted during rehearsal. You are welcome to use it during breaks.
  9. No talking during rehearsal. Listen and follow instructions. You will have break time to talk to your friends.

Excellent attendance, strong work ethic, and teamwork is expected and necessary for our success. Bring it with you to rehearsal.